Office of Hawaiian Affairs Culture Grant (OHA)

Preserving the Cultural Practices of Miloliʻi

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs was established to better the conditions of Hawaiians as defined in Section 10-2, Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes. OHAʻs 2010-2018 Strategic Plan enumerates six (6) Strategic Priorities, which are Economic Self Sufficiency, Land and Water, Culture, Health, Governance and Education. Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi Inc. was selected from a handful of applicants as the the recipient of a $140,000.00 two year grant in the summer of 2013. The grant aligns with OHAʻs strategic priority of Moʻomeheu (Culture) – To strengthen the cultural identity of Native Hawaiians and increase Native Hawaiian engagement in the preservation, practice, and perpetuation of their culture, including language, and who interact with the āina for cultural, spiritual, religious and subsistence purposes. The grant began July 1st 2013 and and is designed to meet the needs of the Miloliʻi Native Hawaiian community by supporting cultural programs intended to increase knowledge, frequency or proficiency of Miloliiʻs keiki and its residents. The various programs outlined below are designed to enrich and perpetuate the cultural practices and community fabric of Miloliʻi through workshops, activities, celebrations and other community events by engaging in Hawaiian cultural practice or practices.

Planned Activities Include:

  • Miloliʻi Lawaiʻa ʻOhana Fishing Camps
  • Miloliʻi ʻŌpelu Project
  • Miloliʻi Coastal Watch & Marine Management
  • ʻOlelo Hawaiʻi Language Classes
  • Canoe Paddling (Hawaiian Name)
  • Luʻu Kai (Aquatic Alien & Invasive Species Removal)
  • Hula and ʻOli
  • Quarterly Community Service Projects

Additional Activities Include:

  • Coral Reef and Fish Monitoring
  • Tide Pool Monitoring
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Fishpond Restoration
  • Beach, Park and Village Cleanups and Restoration

Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi Inc. encourages active community involvement! If you are interested in participating in any of the above programs or would like to be featured as a guest speaker in Miloliʻi please contact Programs Director Kaimi Kaupiko at: 808-937-1310 or email him at