Community Projects in Miloliʻi

Current major projects for Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi (PPM) include the construction of the Miloliʻi Community Enrichment and Historical Center and the implementation of itʻs OHA and NOAA B-WET grants.

Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi is also active in the community by supporting the youth volleyball teams, fall youth events which include the halloween and christmas toyʻs for totʻs for the kids and the annual Lā ʻElima community celebration. In addition PPM schedules quarterly community service projects which include volunteering at the community center, pulling weeds or picking up trash at the park or county pavilion.

Future projects in the planning process are the ANA Social Economic and Development Strategies Grant as well as the “Halau Project” spear headed by project coordinators Shaftton Kuakahi Kaupu-Cabuag and Mildred Casuga.

**If you have a community event, project or idea that you think Paʻa Pono may be interested in please use the “Contact” page to reach us via email.