A group of eight Miloliʻi residents has arrived on Oahu led by Uncle Willy Kaupiko to attend the 2014 WIPCE (World Indigenous People Conference on Education) at Kapiolani Community College. They will spend one week on Oahu immersing themselves in cultural exchanges, workshops and field trips. The group is staying in Haiku Valley in Kanehoe at Uncle Eddie Kaʻananaʻs former residence. On Thursday the group will present at WIPCE on the Miloliʻi ʻŌpelu Project. The presentation titled: ʻO ka ʻŌpelu O Miloliʻi ~ A Model to Promote Sustainable Fisheries will be held on Thursday at 3PM in the Olona Room 115 Classroom. Presenters will be: Willy Kaupiko, Craig Carvalho, Healani Cahill, Kaimi Kaupiko, Lei Kaupu, Pilimai Traub and Miloliʻi keiki Dazza Kuahuia, David Simeona and Hoku Subiono. The trip is being funded by a joint effort between Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi the Queen Liliuokulani Childrens Center (QLCC) and the Kua O Ka Lā Miloliʻi Hipuʻu Charter School Program. On Monday, the group visited the United Fishing Agency auction block at Pier 39 and was given a private tour by Dr. John Kaneko of the Hawaiʻi Seafood Council. Also attending the tour was Paʻa Ponoʻs Executive Director Kai Kahele.