The 2014 Miloliʻi Ocean Festival concluded this Saturday with over 200+ participants that traveled from all Hawaiʻi Island to paddle in the first annual event in the “Last Hawaiian Fishing Village in the State of Hawaii”. All who attended were treated to a traditional opening ceremony by Waikaūnu under the direction of Kumu Kuakahi Kaupu-Cabuag and Kumu Hula Kuwalu Anakalea. Competitors raced in a variety of races to include OC6 Distance & Sprint, OC1 & OC2 Distance and Stand Up Paddle Board. After all the races concluded all the participants gathered at the Miloliʻi Halau for lunch, fellowship and the awards ceremony. Top finishers were given Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi Medals, Hats and Shirts donated by various organizations. Special Mahalo to: Waikaūnu, Kumu Kuakahi Shaffton Kaupu-Cabuag, Kai Kahele, Bill Rosehill, Holukai (Jun), Kalani Kahaliumi, Craig Carvalho, Long Board Lager, Shaka Island Creations (Armando “Junya” Blanco), Crown Awards,  The Kuahuia ʻOhana, Quinton Kuahuia, Gail Garoutte, Green Pointe Nursery, Malani Alameda, Keoua Canoe Club, Stephanie Amick, UH-Hilo Aviation Program (Nick Turner & Arthur Cunningham) Suisan & Cost U Less of Hilo.

To view all the photos from the event please visit our Flickr Page: http://ow.ly/EE3Mn

To see complete race results see below:

OC6 Distance (Miloliʻi Bay to Holua Slide at Kapua Bay)


1.Kai Opua Canoe Club       55:49

2. Miloliʻi Canoe Club         59:25

3. Miloliʻi Canoe Club         1:17:15


1. Keoua Canoe Club        1:08:02

2. Miloliʻi Canoe Club      1:26:59

3. Miloliʻi     (No Time)


1. Keoua Canoe Club                                1:02:25

2. Kamehameha Canoe Club                 1:02:40

3. Waikoloa Canoe Club                           1:07:38

4. Keoua  Canoe Club                              1:11:30

5. Miloliʻi Canoe Club                             1:17:15

OC1 Distance (Miloliʻi Bay to Two Stone) 


  1. Jeremy Padago                           1:00:34
  2. Edward Aldridge                        1:02:43
  3. Eddie Hayward                          1:04:44
  4. Theron Ogata                            1:05:50
  5. Derek Park                                1:06:20
  6. Spencer Laver                           1:06:48
  7. Puni Freitas                               1:08:51
  8. John Roberts                             1:09:00
  9. Kama Lee Loy                           1:10:35
  10. Chris Sundstrom                     1:11:28
  11. Lauren Ching                          1:11:59
  12. Josh Allen                               1:14:30
  13. Peter Lasich                            1:15:30
  14. Kyle Quilausing                        1:15:31
  15. Keola Dudoit                            1:18:18
  16. Malani Alameda                      1:20:38
  17. Nicholas Matsuoka                 1:22:17
  18. Issac Kaupiko                          1:26:58

**There are a few OC1 paddlers missing from the judges tent results that were on the race roster. If you are NOT on this list and competed in the OC1 division, please contact Stephanie Amick at domino7630@gmail.com with who you were in front of and who was behind you and she will incorporate your finish in the final list. Paddlers we have listed but do not have a finish time for are: Kris Keough, Gregory Kim & Troy Bailey. We sincerely apologize for this error and inconvenience** PPM


  1. Tina Flower   1:12:20
  2. Nancy Capri  1:16:32
  3. Patty Eames  1:19:09
  4. Carol Farkas  1:21:16


  1. Fred Beringue / Scott Ferry  1:03:30


  1. Jenniffer McDaniel / Leila Duim 1:06:56


  1. Ina Ynigues / Laurel Yanagi       1:09:23

OC6 Sprint Keiki

1. Keoua Canoe Club  1:32:13

(Keiki Paddlers)

Jesse Mahi

Busta Landis

Dillon Green

Makyla Green

Lorelei Delovio

Kehualani Faleofa

2. Miloliʻi Canoe Club   1:32:14

(Keiki Paddlers)

Kailee Llanes Kelekolio

Mary Joe

Lyric Oliveros

Sole Samoa

Airie Blanco

Eleina Hayward

Stand Up Paddle Board 

  1. Sherri Lasich   1:22:55
  2. Kanaki Malakaua 1:31:49
  3. Shaffton Kuakahi Kaupu-Cabuag  1:46:45

OC 6 Sprint (Miloliʻi Bay)


1. Kai Opua Canoe Club    2:49:51

2. Keoua Canoe Club         2:53:50

3. Miloliʻi Canoe Club         3:23:58

4. Miloliʻi Canoe Club          4:06:22


1. Kai Opua Canoe Club      3:29:34

2. Keoua Canoe Club           3:29:35

3. Miloliʻi Canoe Club           4:01:22

4. Miloliʻi Canoe Club            4:33:26


1. Kai Opua Canoe Club       3:04:20

2. Keoua Canoe Club            3:22:38

3. Waikoloa Canoe Club        3:34:35

4. Miloliʻi Canoe Club             4:00:26