MILOLIʻI, Hawaiʻi ~ July 18th thru 20th 2014 at Omokaʻa Beach a small and select group of individuals participated in a cross cultural exchange workshop focusing on native hawaiian cultural mediums. The campʻs focus was “Exploring Mauli Potential” and was coordinated and led by Shaffton Kuakahi Kaupu-Cabuag, lead culture language and programʻs specialist for Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi. Instructed by Kumu Hula Kuwalu Anakalea and cultural practitioners Kawehi Kahanaʻoi and Lanakila Maguile, the camp focused on chants, stories and dance using hula as a portal to conjure mauli (spiritual) potential. Kāna (Kaula Workshops) taught resourcefulness and Kalo and Uala farming taught kuleana. Special guests were students from the Pitt and Hopi Nation Indian tribes of New Mexico. This years camp was a HUGE success and could not have been possible without all the support and dedication of the volunteers, parents, cooks, mākua and keiki participants that participated. Special mahalo to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) who made this event possible with funding through PPMʻs 2014 culture grant.