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2015 Miloliʻi Fall Ocean Festival

Miloliʻi Ocean Festival 2015 On Saturday, November 7th the Miloliʻi Fishing Village played host to the 2nd annual Fall Ocean Festival. Canoe Clubs and individual paddlers from all over the island came to Miloliʻi to participate in competitive ocean sports, food, fun and fellowship. The event was a huge success and we were blessed by ke akua with a beautiful day and smooth ocean conditions. MAHALO NUI LOA to all the participants that came to Miloliʻi fishing village to participate in this weekends ocean fest! We had an awesome event and appreciate everyones time and support! Mahalo to all of our sponsors that allowed us to have killer prizes, we could not have had a successful event without your support! Jun & Hulakai, T&T Electric of Hilo, JCP Construction, BOSS Coolers, Pacifico, BioAstin, Rancho Ace Hardware, Ocean View Auto Parts, Malama Market, Choice Mart, Kahuku Gift & Garden Shop, Friends of Gil Kahele, Lehua Water, DJ Pizza, Coffee Grinds Oceanview & TLC Chiropractic in Kailua-Kona..until next year, Ahui Hou! Complete Race Results OC1 Kāne NAGAMINE 1:14:36 KAAIHUE 1:10:50 PARSONS 1:33:30 ANDERSON 1:01:15 (Third Place) PRESTIA 1:13:22 ROBERTS 1:09:49 KEOUGH 1:01:56 COX 1:05:55 OGATA 1:04:15 SELLARS 1:03:32 PADAYAO 58:50 (First Place) PELEKANE 1:03:40 SPENCER 1:05:20 FARROW 1:18:50 SLADE 1:04:43 PARKER-BAILEY 1:02:30 HAYWARD 1:00:03 (Second Place) DUDOIT 1:02:55 GONZALES 1:25:00 MCIVOR 56:32 (First Place Surf Ski) OC1 Wahine WILLIAMS 1:12:10 (Third Place) FLOWER 1:10:14 (Second Place) HIGGINS 1:33:00 PRENDERGAST 1:04:37 (First Place) PARSONS 1:20:25 V1 Kāne APINA 1:06:08 CONTI 1:03:45 JUDD 1:03:10 (Third Place) SPOON 1:01:30 (Second Place) GLADDEN 1:07:25 YNIGUES 59:17 (First Place KALIMA 1:04:25 OC2 Kāne KAIAWE 1:06:18 FERRY / PERENGUE 1:08:07 PERENGUE / PALAKIKO 59:49 (First Place) LASICH / GREENWELL 1:09:07 OC2 Mix REY [...]

Miloliʻi to host E Alu Pū 2015

The last hawaiian fishing village in the State of Hawaiʻi will play host to afternoon exchange of aloha and manaʻo at the 2015 E Alu Pū Annual Gathering in Miloliʻi. The gathering for Miloliʻi will take place on Saturday, June 27th at 1:00PM. For more information on this years gathering: *************************************************************************************** Aloha nui kākou, Warm mahalo to Kamaʻāina United to Protect the ʻĀina (KUPA) and Friends of Hoʻokena Beach Park for hosting this yearʻs E Alu Pū Annual Gathering. Special mahalo to Kaʻūpūlehu Marine Life Advisory Committee, Ka ʻOhana o Hōnaunau, and Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi and Hīpuʻu Miloliʻi who will also be sharing their places with us. Amazing collaboration is taking place and fruitful exchanges are in store. This year is extra special in that Ka ʻOhana o Hōnaunau is hosting a Kukulukumuhana Youth Exchange starting on Monday June 22 that will flow right into the official start of the annual gathering on June 25th. Kukulukumuhana will be an immersion in oli and mele with special activities like hoe waʻa, shoreline monitoring and lāʻau lapaʻau. *************************************************************************************** For more information on the June 27th Miloliʻi cultural exchange agenda: Miloliʻi EAP Agenda Final  

Miloliʻi win double GOLD at Kamehameha Day regatta!

Miloliʻi Canoe Clubs menʻs and women's novice B crews took double golds this past weekend at the Kai Opua regatta. For the first time in 81 years both teams have brought home the gold to Miloliʻi! Paddlers on the gold medal Novice B winning teams are: Women Novice B: First Place 2:09:22 Crew: Laila Grace Kaupu, Lei Kaupu, Hala Camacho, Mel Kaupiko, Ana Paulo, Amoe Taetuna Men Novice B: First Place 4:03:34 Crew: Pace Samuels, Brendan Reyes, Justin Kailiawa, Nohea Kaiaokamaile, Elroy Reyes, Dave Wallace  

Miloliʻi kāne win 1st GOLD in 81 years!!

Saturday, May 23rd, Keauhou Canoe Club Regatta, Kailua-Kona GOLD has returned to Miloliʻi! This past Saturday the Miloliʻi Canoe Club Menʻs Novice B team took the gold medal at the Keauhou Regatta. Paddlers on the gold medal team are: Men Novice B: First Place 4:18:67 Crew: Pace Samuels, Brendan Reyes, Friedrick Boeck, Nohea Kaiaokamalie, Elroy Reyes, Dave Wallace Featured Photo Credit: Brad Ballesteros via Facebook

The Malolo Project

  Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi is proud to announce that The Hawaʻi Tourism Authority has awarded THE MALOLO PROJECT a $25,000.00 Kukulu Ola - Living Hawaiian Culture Program Grant for the restoration of Miloliiʻs koa canoe the MALOLO. Built in Miloliʻi in the 1920ʻs, the Malolo is one of the oldest and most storied koa racing canoes in the history of our State. The Malolo won and set the record at the 1954 Molokaʻi Channel race and has been paddled by legendary paddler Duke Kahanamoku. The Malolo Project is a year long restoration project under the direction of Bill Rosehill to restore the Malolo and train the next generation of apprentice canoe builders in South Kona.  The Malolo will be the Miloliʻi Canoe Clubs koa canoe for the 2017 Moku O Hawaiʻi canoe racing season. The Malolo along with its sister canoe the Naiʻa will be restored in Hoʻokena, South Kona. The Malolo Project will begin February 2015. To view the rest of this years 2015 HTA grant recipients click here: http://ow.ly/IwEPt

Kuʻi in Miloliʻi

February 27th 2015 in Miloliʻi join Daniel Anthony for a kalo workshop! Learn about the kalo and how to make paiai. Workshop #1 9:00AM to 11:00AM Workshop #2 6:00PM to 8:00PM Email: paaponoinc@gmail.com for more information. Visit Daniels site for more information: http://manaai.com  

Ka Makahiki Pule Aina Holo 2014

The Makahiki Pule Aina Holo is a ceremonial relay run circulating the mokupuni of Hawaiʻi following the practice of the Ali'i procession of ka wa kahiko. This holo is to give our time, energy, sweat, body, and hā to feed the pule and lift the consciousness of all to heal and malama our aina, our lahui, and ourselves. It is to reconnect us to our kuleana to malama our kino so we can malama our ohana our lahui our aina. Ho'omau kakou I ke ala Pono! With deep humbleness and respect to the traditions of our kupuna, we look to conducting this aha in the intention of bringing this tradition into this 21st century. Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi & the Miloliʻi Fishing Village Community will play host to the Lonoikamakahiki on Friday, November 21st at the Miloliʻi Halau with a ceremony, dinner and fellowship. Saturday mornings ceremony will begin at 6:00AM with a E Ala E ceremony before the Lonoikamakahiki departs Miloliʻi for Kealakekua Bay. 18 Miloliʻi paddlers will paddle the 25 mile distance along the South Kona coast with the Lonoikamakahiki and will arrive at Kealakekua Bay fronting Hikiau Heiau. Keoua Canoe Club will also be participating in the event and will join Miloliiʻs Canoeʻs and Paddlers at Hoʻokena Beach and paddle the Lonoikamakahiki together to the Bay. All are invited to view the arrival of the Lonoikamakahiki in Miloliʻi at approximately 5:00PM and to join the community for pot luck dinner and fellowship. We would also like to invite all who wish to observe Saturday mornings ceremony and wish our paddlers good luck as they embark on a 25 mile journey up the South Kona coast to Kealakekekua Bay. See tomorrowʻs schedule below: FRIDAY,  NOVEMBER [...]

Miloliʻi Ocean Festival Final Results

The 2014 Miloliʻi Ocean Festival concluded this Saturday with over 200+ participants that traveled from all Hawaiʻi Island to paddle in the first annual event in the "Last Hawaiian Fishing Village in the State of Hawaii". All who attended were treated to a traditional opening ceremony by Waikaūnu under the direction of Kumu Kuakahi Kaupu-Cabuag and Kumu Hula Kuwalu Anakalea. Competitors raced in a variety of races to include OC6 Distance & Sprint, OC1 & OC2 Distance and Stand Up Paddle Board. After all the races concluded all the participants gathered at the Miloliʻi Halau for lunch, fellowship and the awards ceremony. Top finishers were given Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi Medals, Hats and Shirts donated by various organizations. Special Mahalo to: Waikaūnu, Kumu Kuakahi Shaffton Kaupu-Cabuag, Kai Kahele, Bill Rosehill, Holukai (Jun), Kalani Kahaliumi, Craig Carvalho, Long Board Lager, Shaka Island Creations (Armando "Junya" Blanco), Crown Awards,  The Kuahuia ʻOhana, Quinton Kuahuia, Gail Garoutte, Green Pointe Nursery, Malani Alameda, Keoua Canoe Club, Stephanie Amick, UH-Hilo Aviation Program (Nick Turner & Arthur Cunningham) Suisan & Cost U Less of Hilo. To view all the photos from the event please visit our Flickr Page: http://ow.ly/EE3Mn To see complete race results see below: OC6 Distance (Miloliʻi Bay to Holua Slide at Kapua Bay) MEN DIVISION 1.Kai Opua Canoe Club       55:49 2. Miloliʻi Canoe Club         59:25 3. Miloliʻi Canoe Club         1:17:15  WOMEN DIVISION 1. Keoua Canoe Club        1:08:02 2. Miloliʻi Canoe Club      1:26:59 3. Miloliʻi     (No Time) MIXED DIVISION 1. Keoua Canoe Club                                1:02:25 2. Kamehameha Canoe Club [...]

Mele Hoʻokipa Miloliʻi

MELE HOʻOKIPA MILOLIʻI Listen to the mele here. He mai hea hea e hoʻokipa                (Come and gather with us) Kīpapa mai ʻoukou iā Miloliʻi           (Let us gather as family) Ua hiki maila, hoʻokipa mai,            (You have arrived and are welcomed) Na nā kānaka pilina kai                     (by the stewards of the ocean) Haʻaheo mākou i nā wahi pana        (We are prideful of our sacred places) Nā wahi pana o nā kūpuna               (The sacred places of our ancestors)   Lele nā naiʻa (o) Honomalino           (The dolphins play at Honomalino) Malino i ka loko (o) Omokaʻa           (Calm is the waters of Omokaʻa) Huʻihuʻi wai ʻauʻau o Miloliʻi             (Numbing are the bathing ponds of Miloliʻi) Wela lā i ka ʻāina o Waikini               (The land of Waikini is scorched with heat) Noho nani a malie o Anapuka           (Anapuka sits still, majestically protected) Nehenehe ʻiliʻili (o) Hoʻōpūloa          (While the pebbles of Hoʻōpūloa rumble)   Ua hiki maila, hoʻokipa mai              (You have arrived and are welcomed) Na nā kānaka pilina kai                      (by the stewards of the ocean)   Ua hiki maila, hoʻokipa mai              (You have arrived and are welcomed) Na nā kānaka pilina kai               [...]

2014 Miloliʻi Fall Ocean Festival

The 2014 Miloliʻi Fall Ocean Festival will be held Saturday November 15th 2014 in Miloliʻi Bay Competition will be in OC6, OC1, OC2 and Stand Up Paddle Board  For more information please contact us at paaponoinc@gmail.com or see the information below.