Pa‘a Pono Miloli‘i’s Core Values

ALOHA– love, affection, compassion, sympathy
Love and respect our environment, our village, our kupuna and one another

ʻIMI ʻIKE– to seek wisdom, enlightenment and education
The quest for knowledge and enlightenment is essential

MALAMA– to care for, to protect, to maintain
Caring for our family, our classmates, our teammates our friends and ourselves

ʻIKE PONO– to know, to see, to feel, to understand, to comprehend and to recognize

KULEANA– privilege, responsibility, right
It is the personal responsibility we each have for our ocean, our village, our canoes and our equipment

HOʻOMAU– to preserve, to perpetuate, to continue
Let us perpetuate the values of our ancestors, our kupuna and the responsibility to one another

HAʻAHAʻA– humility
Let us live our daily lives with humility in everything we do. We serve others before we serve ourself.

LOKAHI-oneness, unity, harmony
We are our strongest when we are together united as one in perfect harmony and unison

LAULIMA– working together
Many hands working together for everyoneʻs success

ʻIHI– Respect
Respect for ourselves, our kumu, our kupuna, our ohana and all living things

ʻONIPAʻA– steadfast
Like our organization name “Paʻa Pono” we stand for what is right. We hold firm to our beliefs, our traditions

KŌKUA– help
If you see someone in need, a family member, friend a kupuna or even a stranger, stop and lend a helping hand.

MAHALO I KA MEA LOAʻA– Appreciate what you have. Appreciate your kupuna, your parents, your hale, your health, your ocean, your land and your friends

HOʻOHANOHANO– dignified, honorable, distinguished, prestige
Conduct yourself with honor and dignity at all times. Walk with your poʻo held high, be a proud but humble native hawaiian!


Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi (PPM) and its Board of Directors takes drugs and alcohol very seriously. PPM has a ZERO tolerance for alcohol or drugs at ANY of our sponsored events. We will not tolerate drugs and alcohol around our keiki or in any of our programs. The Miloliʻi Community Enrichment & Historical Center will be a 100% drug and alcohol free environment. If any of our staff or participants are suspected or caught using drugs or alcohol on PPM sponsored time, your participation in PPM will be terminated immediately. There is NO place in PPM or what we are trying to achieve in the Miloliʻi and South Kona communities with drugs and alcohol. Drugʻs and alcohol has ruined too many lives and broken too many families in our community. 

It will not be tolerated.