Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi Inc. is managed by its Board Of Directors who oversee the day to day operations and fiduciary responsibilities of the organization and its granting agencies.


Imaikalani Yeaman

President / Executive Director

Paʻa Ponoʻs President and Executive Director is Imaikalani (Imaika) Yeaman. Imaika is a resident of Miloliʻi and an avid fisherman. A graduate of the Kamehameha Schools he enjoys all styles of fishing and advocates for caring of the sea and land. He has an extensive background in nearshore and pelagic fishing and coastal marine management. Imaika was one of the original team members on the Miloli’i ‘Opelu Project started by Walter Paulo and Gilbert Kahele in 2003. He manages the day to day operations of the entire organization.



Kaimi Kaupiko

Vice President / Associate Director

Kaimi Namaielua Kaupiko is a native son of the Last Hawaiian Fishing Village of Miloliʻi. He has been working with youth educational programs for the past 15 years in Milolii. He believes strongly that all these programs and enrichments will foster an environment that will motivate and educate the next generation of kids in Miloliʻi. Currently Kaimi lives in Miloliʻi, where he works with the Miloliʻi Hipu’u Virtual Academy a program of Kua o ka La Public Charter School. His educational background includes receiving his Associates from Heald College in Accounting, a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa focusing on Management information Systems. Currently, Kaimi is working towards his Master of Business Administration with a focus in Management from Wayland Baptist University.

Kaimi’s goal is to provide educational opportunities for all learners. He believes that through proper access to quality education, students will be able to find motivation and creativity to be themselves and to Kulia I ka Nu’u “Strive for the highest”. For Kaimi reaching your goals is a critical part of life and his focus is to make sure that the future generation of kids in Miloliʻi is raised up in the most proper way. A way that unites the forces and ignites the spirit. Eo Miloli’i!


Alan Holokai Brown


Uncle Alan Holokai Brown is a resident of Miloliʻi. A retired certified public accountant he enjoys fishing and working with Miloliiʻs youth.