Miloliʻi Ocean Festival 2015
On Saturday, November 7th the Miloliʻi Fishing Village played host to the 2nd annual Fall Ocean Festival. Canoe Clubs and individual paddlers from all over the island came to Miloliʻi to participate in competitive ocean sports, food, fun and fellowship. The event was a huge success and we were blessed by ke akua with a beautiful day and smooth ocean conditions. MAHALO NUI LOA to all the participants that came to Miloliʻi fishing village to participate in this weekends ocean fest! We had an awesome event and appreciate everyones time and support! Mahalo to all of our sponsors that allowed us to have killer prizes, we could not have had a successful event without your support! Jun & Hulakai, T&T Electric of Hilo, JCP Construction, BOSS Coolers, Pacifico, BioAstin, Rancho Ace Hardware, Ocean View Auto Parts, Malama Market, Choice Mart, Kahuku Gift & Garden Shop, Friends of Gil Kahele, Lehua Water, DJ Pizza, Coffee Grinds Oceanview & TLC Chiropractic in Kailua-Kona..until next year, Ahui Hou!





Complete Race Results

OC1 Kāne

NAGAMINE 1:14:36

KAAIHUE 1:10:50

PARSONS 1:33:30

ANDERSON 1:01:15 (Third Place)

PRESTIA 1:13:22

ROBERTS 1:09:49

KEOUGH 1:01:56

COX 1:05:55

OGATA 1:04:15

SELLARS 1:03:32

PADAYAO 58:50 (First Place)

PELEKANE 1:03:40

SPENCER 1:05:20

FARROW 1:18:50

SLADE 1:04:43


HAYWARD 1:00:03 (Second Place)

DUDOIT 1:02:55

GONZALES 1:25:00

MCIVOR 56:32 (First Place Surf Ski)

OC1 Wahine

WILLIAMS 1:12:10 (Third Place)

FLOWER 1:10:14 (Second Place)

HIGGINS 1:33:00

PRENDERGAST 1:04:37 (First Place)

PARSONS 1:20:25

V1 Kāne

APINA 1:06:08

CONTI 1:03:45

JUDD 1:03:10 (Third Place)

SPOON 1:01:30 (Second Place)

GLADDEN 1:07:25

YNIGUES 59:17 (First Place

KALIMA 1:04:25

OC2 Kāne

KAIAWE 1:06:18


PERENGUE / PALAKIKO 59:49 (First Place)


OC2 Mix

REY / STRIDER 59:28 (First Place)


OC2 Wahine

DAWRS / BEIRNE 1:07:54 (First Place)

OC6 Wahine

Miloliʻi 1:55:50

Keauhou (H12) 1:26:45 (First Place)

Keauhou (H15) 1:29:50 (Second Place)

Kai Ehitu 1:33:10 (Third Place)

Keoua 1:43:10

OC6 Mix

Kamehameha 1:20:57 (Third Place)

Kai Opua (A2) 1:20:20 (Second Place)

Kai Opua (A1) 1:20:00 (First Place)

OC6 Wahine Unlimited

Puna 1:20:28

OC6 Kāne Fiberglass

Miloliʻi 1:12:36

Keauhou 55:37:12 (Second Place)

Kai Ehitu #2 1:01:32

Kai Opua 56:33:02 (Third Place)

Keoua 1:01:03

Kai Ehitu #1 54:55 (First Place)

OC6 Kāne Unlimited

Puna 54:36:00

Puna 52:15:23

OC6 Kūpuna

Keoua 17:38:40 (First Place)

Miloliʻi 20:55:07 (Third Place)

Kamehameha 20:20:10 (Second Place)

2015 Miloliʻi Ocean Festival “Best of the Best”

Wahine: Alisa Prendergast 2:24:57

Kāne: Jeremy Padayao: 1:50:52